Watch clips of Richard Carr’s powerboat career on YouTube

Former British Powerboat Champion Richard Carr has uploaded some new videos to his already burgeon YouTube channel.

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Richard Carr is recognised as one of the United Kingdom’s most experienced and successful powerboat racers. He competed in the sport globally as a team owner and throttleman.

He won numerous domestic and international honours including becoming British Class 1 Champion in 1991.

His most recent acts in the sport came in 2011 when he raced in the USA for team Geico Caveman.

In October2014, he created Richard Carr Racing the YouTube channel to document videos from his time in the sport. These range from classic footage of the 1991 Class 1 World Championships in Trieste to action from the Cowes Torquay Cowes and more recent footage from his Honeyparty powerboat.

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Honeyparty footage

Richard Carr owned the British Team and was also its throttleman during the 2008 P1 Evolution Championship. His drivers were Paul Sinclair and also Team Manager Mark Pascoe.

Richard’s recently uploaded footage is from ahead of the season start when his powerboat was being tested in the seas off Poole. There is also footage of the boat being fired up for the first time, make sure you have speakers turned down when you press play!

Honeyparty’s 2008 season was a season of trials and tribulations, but it did bring them a race victory in Spain. Often near the front of many races, Richard and his team suffered from mechanical failures on a number of occasions.

A 2008 season review will feature on Richard’s YouTube channel shortly.

GoPro Geico

Richard’s fourth recently uploaded video features GoPro footage from inside the Geico Caveman boat of himself and driver Gavin Wilson. Richard raced against Craig during the 2008 season when he was part of the Fountain 99 1st team. Craig and the team made it two championships in succession after being crowned the 2008 title winners.

The GoPro footage is from Richard’s return to the sport in 2011.







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