Videos from Richard Carr’s powerboating career

Richard Carr’s season review from the 2008 P1 Powerboat Evolution Class season

Richard Carr’s powerboat team win Race 1 in Vigo of the 2008 P1 Powerboat Evolution Class season

Footage from the Geico Caveman powerboat piloted by myself Richard Carr and Craig Wilson from 2011.

Richard Carr Racing: trials ahead of the 2008 P1 Evolution Championship

Richard Carr Racing: Class 1 Cowes Torquay Cowes 1991

Part 1

Part 2

Richard Carr Racing: Class 1 World Finals Trieste 1991

Richard Carr clippings Trieste Richard Carr clipping from Triest Richard Carr clipping Triest Richard Carr clipping Triest

View all of Richard’s YouTubes videos HERE

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