Team Victory and Fendi star in Terracina

After another exciting weekend of UIM Class 1 World Championship powerboat racing, former British Champion Richard Carr looks back at the action which saw team Victory maintain their status at the top of the standings.

Team Victory take Race 1 honours after a dramatic first lap

An incident packed Race 1 in Terracina, Italy saw Championship leaders Arif Al Zaffain and Nadir Bin Hendi extended their lead. The victory was their third in a row.

Victory were in control of the race and heading towards lap 2 when the officials were forced to bring out the red flag when V1 team Tommy One span out on the first corner.

Bernico-New Star, Chaudron and Aquasport were the first V1s to cross the start-finish line and were through turn one when Maurizio Schepici and Stefano Bonanno (Tommy One) hooked and span out forcing Karelpiu’s Federico Montanari and Antonio Schiano to try to take evasive action but they were unable to avoid a coming together and damaging their drives, both boats unable to continue.

Victory dominant after restart

A 27 second winning margin summed up Victory’s dominance with local favourites Luca Fendi and Giovanni Carpitella in LFF10 fending off the threat from Team Abu Dhabi to achieve their first podium of the season.

“It was comfortable for us from start to finish,” said Nadir Bin Hendi. “We didn’t need to push too much and made sure we took it easy to save the engines. There is more to come, whatever the conditions.”

“It was a nightmare race for me and Luca,” said Carpitella. “We had a big fuel leak from the start and the fumes inside the cockpit were unbelievable. My eyes were stinging, it was hard to see, breathe and at times keep conscious. Then we lost instruments, no trim indicators no RPM so we just focussed on getting to the finish line.”

LFF10 hit top spot after thrilling battle with Victory in Race 2

Fendi and Carpitella produced a stunning display to become the first team to beat team Victory this season. Sitting second on the start line, LFF10 stole the advantage and after both teams had almost collided at the end of lap one, LFF10 maintained the upper hand to win by over 30 seconds.

It wasn’t team Victory following them home though, a broken drop box ended their challenge allowing Relekta-Zabo-Iskilar to take second place.

“It was an amazing race for us and we won it with a great start and to win at home is an incredible feeling. Ee showed that Fendi and Victory are at the same level,” said Luca Fendi. “We gave respect to them at the first turn and left them space. They came out on the inside with a bit more speed but we pulled it back and were side-by-side and Giovanni said to me, just go for the corner.”

Official Race Results from Terracina

The results of the races are available on the official UIM Class 1 World Powerboat Championship.

Click HERE to view the results from Race 1 and 2

The next race is in December when the Championship will head to Abu Dhabi.



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