Steve Curtis MBE breaks speed record

It may have occurred in late August, but in Richard Carr’s latest blog he pays tribute to his former foe and friend Steve Curtis MBE who created history at Lake of the Ozarks.

Curtis and Sheikh Hassan bin Jabor Al-Thani hit 244mph

Richard Carr is a former British Champion powerboat racer who duelled with the likes of Steve Curtis during his successful career, which saw him complete globally.

Curtis teamed up with Al-Thani over six years ago and over the last couple of years embarked on breaking the record, which was set at 224mph last year.

However, the duo didn’t just beat the record, they smashed it, with a speed of 244mph in their second run at the 26th Annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in central Missouri.

False start

Al-Thani – who is president of the Qatar Marine Sports Federation (QMSF) – and Curtis opted to take advantage of the hot and humid conditions when the course opened to make their first run. Having reached the 200mph mark, they looked to be on course, only for their safety parachutes to accidentally deploy.

However, later in the session the pair took to the water again and a clean run was rewarded with the stunning terminal speed of 244mph recorded through the flying finish.

Al-Thani praises Throttleman Curtis

“I was confident that we could do it on our second run. It was so nice to get it spot on. We had the boat under control all the time. Steve did an awesome job throttling it to the gate. He was on and off the throttles all through the mile run and I actually believe that the boat is capable of even more mph!

“We considered postponing the second run until Sunday, but I know the team wanted to get the runs out of the way. We were approaching the finish about 230mph and it felt like Steve backed off a little bit because that’s what we wanted to do. Then we started back on and I saw 240 and I’m pretty sure we reached 250 after the gate. That’s one milestone we have achieved with this boat. Now it’s time to go out and relax and look ahead to see what’s next.”

Curtis – one of the best

Richard Carr has raced alongside and against Steve Curtis during his powerboat racing career and believes that he is one of the greats of the sport. Richard believes that Curtis’ latest achievement is arguably his best in the sport and proves that he belongs in the powerboat ‘Hall of Fame’.



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