Singapore added to P1 international calendar

In Richard Carr’s latest blog, he looks at the plans to take P1 Superstock Powerboat Racing to Asia next year after it announced it would host a race in Singapore.

P1 aims to grow in Asia

P1 Superstock is now recognised as the world’s largest marine motorsport brand. Now at over 12 years old, the championship is taking the next steps to grow its audience.

In association with the Singapore Power Boat Association, FOCUS Adventure and Raffles Marina, P1 aims to make Singapore a strategic hub in its long-term plans to introduce its Grand Prix of the Seas series to selected markets in Southeast Asia.

Singapore to benefit economically

Speaking to, P1 Chief Executive James Durbin, who had just returned from the region, explained the decision to move into Asia:

“Partnerships are at the heart of our business strategy and we are delighted to be working with these well respected local organisations to define our common goals and make P1 a reality in Singapore.

“We are making a commitment to boost the local economy through our sports tourism activity, generate global media exposure and provide local people with fast, furious, fun and free-to-watch events.”

Power boat participation on the rise in Singapore

Also speaking to, the President of the Singapore Power Boat Association, Gerry de Souza, believed that bringing the sport to its region will help improve participation: “From the start of our discussions it was clear that we shared many values and our aim is to increase the participation of safe and controlled powerboat racing in Singapore and the wider ASEAN region.”

FOCUS Adventure’s Andrew Chua, added: “As one of the leading adventure training providers in the region, we see a great opportunity to deliver a commercial programme on a local, regional and international stage using the P1 platform in Singapore.”

P1 now attraction audiences of over 200,000

Ever since its birth in 2003, the P1 Superstock Championship has continued to grow year on year. It has now staffed more than 200 races in 17 countries on three continents. The 2014 season, which has recently finished, featured 12 events, attracting more than 200,000 spectators and TV viewers in more than 50 countries.

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