Richard Carr: Key West is the pinnacle of powerboating

Ahead of Wednesday’s first race in the 34th Annual Key West World Championships, former British Powerboat Champion Richard Carr looks back fondly on his experiences of the contest.

The Pinnacle of offshore powerboating

Richard Carr’s powerboating career span over 30 years and saw him compete globally in some of the biggest races. In his opinion the Cowes Torquay Cowes and the Key West races are superb events and the pinnacle of offshore powerboating.

In Richard’s opinion, Key West was arguably the most famous powerboat race when it was an offshore race that went out of site of the land. However, he does believe since the race moved to being up and down the shoreline that it has made the sport more dangerous and taken away the challenges of running in open water.

Despite that, Key West is an awesome venue and a race that he would very much like to race in again.

Preparations almost complete for this year’s event

On Sunday 2 November the competing boats were displayed around the Race Village, whilst on Monday the first Mandatory Drivers Meeting was held. Tuesday allowed spectators to see a glimpse of the competing boats on the water as they went through some testing ahead of Wednesday’s first race.

This year’s event will be comprised of seven classes (Unlimited, Extreme, Superboat, Vee, Stock, P3 and P4) of offshore powerboat racing and three days of racing in Key West.

President John Carbonell commented: “This should be a very exciting event. We are thrilled to host these classes for Key West, and will continue to have all of these classes racing with us in the 2015 season and beyond. We really appreciate all the teams and communities that have supported us this year. We will be announcing our expanded 2015 Race Schedule after the World Championships this November.”

Key West preview

Key West, as it always is, will prove to be one of the highlights of the powerboating season. For a full preview of each of the different competing categories, check out Matt Trulio’s blog on


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