Richard Carr in the Archives: World of Powerboats

During his highly successful powerboat career, Richard Carr conducted a number of interviews with newspapers and magazines. Examples are constantly being uploaded to the ‘Archive’ section of his Racing website.

Richard’s interview with the World of Powerboats magazine was as recent as 2008 when he took part in its ’10 minutes with…’ feature.

You can read the interview in full in Richard’s archives.

Below is a flavour of the interview

WoP: How do you see powerboat racing today compared with when you first started?

RC: “The most noticeable difference is speed – boats are going a lot faster than when I started to get involved, in fact almost everything is different from those early years.

“There were a lot more boats, more classes, which made it more competitive, and everyone was much friendlier I recall. I’ve watched the sport decline and realised few people are putting anything back into racing. In almost every other sport they are attracting newcomers with provision of training schools etc. but with powerboat racing, you’re on your own! It’s like business – if you don’t put the effort into grow, the result will be the opposite – decline.”

WoP: Why have you chosen Powerboat P1 as opposed to Class 1?

RC: “Although I won’t be popular saying this, (that’s never stopped you in the past Richard) I think the only way forward for Class 1 would be to become part of the P1 enterprise. P1 is being built on business lines as a brand rather than a club for wealthy individuals. When I’m asked if I think P1 will survive, my answer is always the same, yes, I think it will become bigger than ever.

“If it did fail, it won’t be through lack of investment and effort.”

Richard Carr has an extensive portfolio of archive footage and clippings from his successful powerboat racing career; keep checking the ‘Archive’ section of his website for the latest uploads.

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