Richard Carr in the Archives: Carr poised to challenge Curtis

Steve Curtis MBE is arguably Britain’s most successful powerboat racer and someone who Richard Carr has raced against and alongside.

Richard recently wrote about Curtis’ successful world record attempt in a powerboat, whilst he also declared his support of the Brit’s Offshore Powerboat Grand Prix, which is set to debut next year.

In the latest of Richard Carr’s archive articles, we look at a piece written by Bryan Stiles about Richard’s challenge to Curtis’ dominance in the World Class One Offshore powerboat title.

Richard Carr poised to attack

At the time of writing, Steve Curtis was acknowledged as Europe’s leading throttle man. However, Curtis had a new rival snapping at his heels, in the shape of Richard Carr.

Displaying the kind of brashness and daring that Stiles believed made him a serious challenger to Curtis’ title assault. Carr, who was 33 when the piece was written, was fourth in the table after five rounds of the nine-round series.

Having struggled with teething problems that had affected his catamaran, Tekne Lamborghini during the early part of the season, Carr was back on course following a number of impressive finishes.

Carr gunning for Curtis

Richard’s boat was developed with a new concept in hull design, which enabled him to cope with both rough and calm conditions. Ahead of the next set of races in Guernsey, Carr and driver Peter Dredge were aiming cap their impressive resurgence with victory.

Curtis on the other hand was looking to secure his third World Class One Offshore title, a feat not previously accomplished by an English competitor. The Throttleman from Southampton had helped break the dominance of the Italians in previous seasons and was looking to do so again.

About Richard Carr

Richard Carr is one of the UK’s most experienced and successful powerboat racers, who has competed in the sport globally.

He has won numerous domestic and international honours: he became British Class 1 Champion in 1991; he was the winner of the coveted Needles Trophy and he also came second in the Cowes Torquay Cowes race in 1992. It was the year the race was controversially competed in the fog and it has been argued for many years that he actually won the race.

He is known in the sport for his aggressive racing character in rough seas and recently raced in the USA for Geico in 2011.


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