Prep almost complete for the inaugural Qatar Cup Powerboat Festival

Today is the day that could change the face of offshore powerboat racing for years to come, reports the former British powerboat Champion Richard Carr.

Largest powerboat race ever to be staged in the Middle East

The Qatar Marine Sports Federation (QMSF) and the Offshore Powerboat Grand Prix (OPGP) will host the 2015 Qatar Cup in Doha Bay, which starts today.

Boats from around the world will take to the shores off the bay to compete following months of hard work and planning by officials in Qatar and the United States of America. Boats from the US, Turkey, Australia and the Middle East have now arrived in the country to take part in the four day Festival.

Spirit of Qatar tops the list

The flag ship SuperCat and SuperVee classes top the field and are joined on the course by racers entered in the C1, C2, SuperCat Lite and C225 classes.

Spirt of Qatar 20 (pictured) tops the list of entrants in the top category, with local driver Ali Al-Neama and American throttleman Billy Moore in the cockpit.

Other boats to have made the trip across the Atlantic Ocean including Peppers, Pro Floors Racing and Persu Cat Racing.

Earlier this month, an impressive list of SuperCat Lite boats arrived in Doha, including The Hull, Smart Marine and Gary Ballough’s Doug Wright-built BG Racing.

Finest races from all over the world

Sheikh Hassan bin Jabor Al-Thani believes the inurgural Qatar Cup has attracted some of the finest powerboat racers currently.

“One of our visions at the QMSF was to stage an event of this nature and to attract some of the finest racers from all over the world to come here and take part.

“We have achieved that in a short space of time. Through the hard work of every member of my team in Qatar and the efforts from the staff at OPGP it has been possible to stage the Qatar Cup.

“On behalf of everyone at the QMSF, I take this opportunity to welcome our overseas visitors, media, television personnel, team members and competitors to what we hope will be four days of safe and spectacular racing on Doha Bay.”

2015 Qatar Cup – Table of Events

Tuesday 3 Feb Wednesday 4 Feb Thursday 5 Feb Friday 6 Feb Saturday 7 Feb


Technical inspections and registration


Inshore time testing

(C1 and C2)


Inshore race 1 (C2)


Practice Pro Marathon


Inshore race 2 (C2)


Offshore time testing

(SuperCat Lite)


Inshore race 1 (C1)

13.45-2.15Offshore race 1

(SuperCat Lite)


Inshore race 2 (C1)


Offshore time testing

(SuperVee and SuperCat)

11-11.45Inshore race 1 (C225) 2.30-3.30Inshore testing 11-11.45Inshore race 2 (C225)


Inshore time testing and pole position (C225)


Offshore race 1

(SuperCat Lite)


Offshore race 2

(SuperCat Lite)


Offshore pole position

(SuperCat Lite)

4.-4.45Offshore race 1

(SuperVee and SuperCat)


Offshore race 2

(SuperVee and SuperCat)

3-4Offshore pole position

(SuperVee and SuperCat)

Awards ceremony

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