Curtain drawn on annual Miami International Boat Show

With the race season slowly creeping up on the powerboat world, the Miami International Boat Show whet the appetite of race race fans with its annual show, reports Richard Carr.

About the Miami International Boat Show

More than 3,000 boats and 2,000 exhibitors from all over the globe attended this year’s event, to see the latest in powerboats, sailboats and engines.

The event catered for all types of powerboat fans from avid to beginners and for those that were looking to get into boating life, the event featured a Welcome to the Water Center, which included Boating 101, Advanced Seminars and Discover Boating.

Performance boats on the menu

Like in previous years, the Miami International Boat Show showcased some of the finest performance power boats currently available.

Outerlimits Powerboats

Rhode Island-based powerboat manufacture, Outerlimits, shipped four new models to Miami:

  • SL50 powered by Mercury Racing 1350s
  • SL41 with twin Mercury Racing HP 700 SCis
  • SC46 cat with Chief engines
  • SC 39 Race Cat

Douglas Marine

Specialising in Skater catamarans and V-bottoms, Douglas Marine had three models at the boat show:

  • Outboard powered Skater 30 – targeted at owners who might be getting into their first go-fast cat
  • Skater 388 with a pair of Goodwin Performance 2,000 hp engines
  • Skater 50 with twin Mercury Racing 1350s

Mystic Powerboats featured two models, an outboard-powered Center Console M3900 and an M4400 catamaran with a pair of Mercury Racing HP700 SCis, which even in early testing has hit 134mph.

Hustler Powerboats

Guests at the show were treated to the full roster of Hustler’s V-bottoms performance powerboats, including:

  • 39 Rockit powered by Mercury Racing HP700 SCis
  • 388 Reloaded with twin MerCruiser 520s
  • 29 Rockit with a pair of MerCruiser 565s

Marine Technology

Renowned for going big at the Miami International Boat Show, 2015 was another impressive turnout for Marine Technology:

  • Two catamarans powered by Mercury Racing 1350s and a pair of the company’s centre consoles
  • One was featured in the water at the Biscayne Bay Marriott, whilst the other was on land and set up as a fishing model

About Richard Carr

Richard Carr is one of the UK’s most experienced and successful powerboat racers, who has competed in the sport globally.

He has won numerous domestic and international honours: he became British Class 1 Champion in 1991; he was the winner of the coveted Needles Trophy and he also came second in the Cowes Torquay Cowes race in 1992. It was the year the race was controversially competed in the fog and it has been argued for many years that he actually won the race.

He is known in the sport for his aggressive racing character in rough seas and recently raced in the USA for Geico in 2011.

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