Aston Martin Unveils Latest Powerboat

Aston Martin is not typically known for its waterborne vehicles, but the brand recently unveiled a brand new powerboat.

Aston Martin unveiled the 37ft AM37 powerboat, valued at £1.3m, against the glamorous backdrop of the Monaco yacht show.

Powerboat innovation

The move comes after the company reported an annual loss for the last five years, and the powerboat should help breathe life back into the company. Clothing, handbags and even luxury apartments are also being considered as future releases.

Chief executive Andy Palmer was speaking about how the brand envisages wealthy customers immersing themselves in an Aston Martin-themed world.

He said: “Wouldn’t it be great if you’re down in a luxury harbour somewhere staying in an Aston Martin apartment, with your Aston Martin parked in the car park, and your Aston Martin boat harboured outside.”

The brand is closely working with clothing firm Hackett London and Venetian lace maker Emilia Burano in the luxury market. A Silver Cross Surf pram, with the famous Aston Martin badge, is currently on sale for £3000.

Shifting brand emphasis

While Aston Martin has been selling products other than cars for some time, the AM37 powerboat is the first vehicle it has produced that is not a car.

The boat, which was manufactured in Southampton, is capable of racing across the waves at 50 knots, designed by “master craftsmen” who also worked on Aston Martin’s DB11 and Vulcan models.

It also has space for eight passengers, with features including mood lighting, air-conditioning, a fridge, microwave and coffee machine. There’s also a table which can be converted into a bed.

The windscreen is made from a single piece of sculpted glass, while a sliding roof allows the owner to cover the cockpit – as with a convertible car.

The cockpit also borrows other elements that will be familiar to owners of an Aston Martin sports car – including leather interiors, throttle handles and a joystick.

Aston Martin’s chief creative officer, Marek Reichman, said: “It was important to us when considering this project to make sure that the boat design was as beautiful and timeless as our cars.”